Here in Panaleco we pride ourselves with the level of dedication we serve our customers. We arrange a plan and execute it. This allows us to be trusted and work with big international companies who engage in different types of projects such as those mentioned below. Such companies include Total, Vantage Drilling, Stena, Maersk Drilling and others.

Oil and Gas Exploration And Drilling Campaigns

Our company’s expertise can provide specialized services associated with offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Drilling Campaigns. International Drilling Companies interested in offshore drilling in Cyprus require logistic solutions and custom clearance. This is where we come in! We understand that time is money, especially for such projects. We ensure that no delays will occur in clearing and delivering any type of equipment to the rig.

oil and gas exploration

Offshore Ship repairs

Companies interested in repairing their ships in the Cypriot territorial sea will also require a trusted and reliable partner onshore to arrange for the delivery of new parts and the disposal of the old ones. Due to our ‘Get it Done’ attitude we guarantee that such a project will run smoothly.

oil and gas exploration

Dry docking Logistics

Dry docking logistics is another service that requires a certain degree of specialty. This is due to the nature of such a project. When dry docking occurs ship spare parts have to be delivered to the yard to be installed on the ship. Such parts usually require a special type of transport and the expertise to clear them out of customs. Saving time in such projects is crucial as every second on dry dock it costs money to the customer, therefore we make sure that the logistic part of such a project will run smoothly and as fast as possible.

oil and gas exploration

Military Grade Items

We have the qualifications to deal with such quirky situations such as the transportation and clearance of Ammunition, Army Vehicles, Weapons and Explosives. Such items have to be transported safely in order to not set at risk the safety of the public and cleared out of customs the fastest without any complications as the exposure of these items in public has to be minimized. We understand the situation and we take measures to fulfil the needs of such demanding operations.

oil and gas exploration