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Airfreight is essential when urgent shipments have to either be exported or imported. We can provide fast and safe transportation through air at competitive prices internationally, and most importantly for ANY TYPE of cargo, from 1 small box to a whole plane.


Seafreight is the cheapest way to move items abroad or import them. Sea Freight allows for the transfer of huge and heavy items that would not fit in a plane. However shipments that are transferred by sea take more time to reach destination. This is optimal for shipments that are pre-scheduled and not urgent.

Inland Transport

We can provide inland transportation for your shipments within Cyprus. We can arrange for the safe transportation of any kind of cargo big or small.

Customs Clearance

Custom Clearance is our strongest virtue. Anything imported or exported from Cyprus has to be cleared out of customs. Clearing goods out of customs can be a headache for companies or individuals as there are many variables that have to be checked for each good imported or exported. We can clear anything out of customs very fast, effectively and save you tons of trouble.